House Holders Insurance

House Holders Insurance In Dubai UAE
House Holders Insurance In Dubai UAE

House Holders Insurance In Dubai(Tameen)

Dubai is a very safe city and also it member states , but still unpredictable things can often lead to chaos. In this situation this policy comes for help. The House Holders insurance In Dubai (Tameen) policy provides security to the tenants or owners of the property, wether it be a house or an apartment in a building. Thus This policy covers all items within the premises, i.e Jewelry , Electrical Appliances , Expensive Paintings , Art Pieces and other things which the owner believes to be precious to him.

Our home is one within our basic necessities within our life. Also Protect your home from the many perils under House Holders Insurance.

This policy is more comprehensive which covers the building and contents, including owner’s liability and also personal accident protection.In Short It’s a bundle of assorted potential issues lengthened to owners/residents of villa/apartment.

For Home Insurance coverage, primary information needed is details i. e the building from the walls, floors, plus roof. The insurance(Tameen) organization may also consider, amongst other things, the area of the house (it may be in the flood prone area). In order to calculate the appropriate rate, for the Amount Insured, insurance companies will certainly look at any earlier claims made from the particular policyholder, the age plus general condition of the location. Some insurance companies also give discounts on insurance.

Main Features of Home Insurance are as under :

  • Loss of rent or cost of alternate accommodation is provided.
  • Personal belongings cover is up to the sum declared.
  • Your Home is insured against damage caused due to events like fire, lightning, earthquake, flood, storm, malicious damage, riots, strikes, water leaks, theft, etc.
  • You can choose to insure your domestic helpers for an additional premium. Domestic help cover includes any costs incurred due to being injured while on the premises of your home.
  • Home appliances are not covered under repairing or replacement as new.

Main Benefits of House Insurance:

·  Personal Things Cover: Whether you are in home or abroad, Personal Things cover offers you satisfaction by defending your belongings.

·1 Key Alternative Cover: House insurance is responsible for replacement, hair and secrets.

·2 Loss of Lease and Substitute Accommodation: If your property is uninhabitable as a consequence to reduction or harm, then it give a similar short-term accommodation that features your loved ones and animals.

·3  Items Temporarily Removed: It cover losing or harm to your home items, caused due to perils, while they can be temporarily taken off your home and shifted to other premises.

  • Fatal injury benefit.
  • Visitors personal items.
  • Occupiers liability.
  • Personal money & bank cards.
  • Domestic helpers.

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