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What Is Medical Malpractice Insurance

In simple words Medical Malpractice Insurance provides doctors and nurses the necessary coverage against negligence. No one can deny the fact that the work of physicians, professionals and surgeons is risky. Most of the time, out of negligence or tiredness even doctors and nurses can commit certain minor mistakes. In such scenario where nurses and surgeons out of negligence cause harm to patients, doctors can b rescued with the help of malpractice insurance.

In case patients suffers injury because of the negligence of doctors. The patients has the right to sue the doctors and nurses. To protect themselves, doctors can go for malpractice insurance. When doctors and nurses have this insurance, they r protected and covered against negligence and wrong procedures.

In most of the countries malpractice insurance is the must have thing for nurses, opticians, physical therapists or anyone who is in the business of providing Healthcare services. Malpractice cover, also called Medical Professional Liability Insurance. Doctors and nurses should buy this insurance before they head out to perform a surgery or operation. Because in case of negligence without this insurance the surgeon and doctors can get into big trouble.

Medical Malpractice Insurance

Why Malpractice insurance is important ?

Malpractice insurance for doctors is necessary because according to research medical negligence is the third leading cause of death in US. Medical negligence can happen at anytime, it can happen during surgery, it can happen during treatment, during diagnosis and even after an illness.

Sometimes it happens, that out of negligence, doctors prescribe a wrong medicine for a certain disease. In such a scenario if a doctor has not brought for himself malpractice policy then he or she can get into a big trouble.

It is a fact that in US alone 80,000 to 100,000 deaths happen because of Diagnostic errors. It is also said that around 2 million patients die in hospital because of negligence. Medical insurance for nurses and doctors is a must have Insurance.

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Types of malpractice insurance policies

In medical malpractice insurance for doctors there are two type of malpractice insurances.

Types of malpractice insurance

Claim made malpractice insurance

It is always a better idea to understand the two type of malpractice policies before you go out to buy them. When doctors and nurses buy claim made malpractice insurance then they need to realize that this policy will only cover them till the time, the policy is in effect. It is also possible that this policy may not cover all the claims.

For instance if a doctor has treated the patient badly, after the claim made policy has expired. Then the policy will not cover the doctor for the injuries he has caused to the patient. This policy will remain active until a specific date which is always mentioned on the policy.

If you are a doctor and you want a coverage for 2-3 for negligence and malpractice then it is important that you mark the time period in the form when you go to buy medical malpractice insurance for doctors. In case you fail to mention the time period then the policy will not cover you when the incident of negligence will occur.

In case the patient has filed a lawsuit against the doctor and the doctor has the claim in effect then he can be covered against negligence and malpractice.

Claim made procedure

Occurrence insurance

Best malpractice insurance for nurses can be the occurrence insurance. Because this insurance does not require policy. It can cover any claim even after the policy has expired. This malpractice policy can be a little expensive from claim made insurance but it is much more effective and it is definitely the best malpractice insurance for nurses and doctors.

What Malpractice does not cover ?

There are different things which malpractice policy does not cover. For instance if a doctor has been engaged in a sexual activity with a patient then malpractice insurance will not cover that.

On the other hand if a doctor or a nurse has been engaged in a criminal act with the patient then malpractice will not cover that as well. This particular insurance has its limits and it is important to realize that it may not cover all malpractices and negligences.

It is true that this insurance provides the doctors and nurses with the cover in case of minor negligence but in case of major negligence doctors and nurses should not look upon this particular policy.

What Malpractice does not cover?

Cost of medical malpractice for doctors

As far as the cost of medical malpractice insurance for doctors is concerned then it may vary. The cost mostly depends on the Designation of the doctor/nurse/lab technician which is mentioned in the MoH Certificate and the amount of coverage required.

Cost Of Medical Malpractice Insurance

Who need malpractice insurance ?

It is an open fact that Dubai is a law abiding city and it does not tolerate any injury or negligence against its citizens and residents. If you are a doctor or nurse in Dubai then it is important that you buy malpractice policy right away. In case of negligence a patient can sue you and then being a doctor or a surgeon you can get into a hell amount of trouble.

Medical Malpractice insurance Dubai

It is always better to be safe than sorry. If you are into a medical profession then it is important that you buy malpractice policy right away. We at Dubai Online Insurance, can help you in this regard because we are the best medical malpractice insurance provider in UAE.

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Medical Malpractice Insurance In Dubai

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