Property All Risk Insurance for shops in Dubai Mall

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Property All Risk Insurance for shops in Dubai Mall

Shops In Dubai Mall

If you are a proud owner of a shops in Dubai Mall you are lucky. But make sure your luck is not overshadowed by the damages and losses which may occur in your shop in Dubai mall. 

Dubai Mall Shop Insurance

Shops In Dubai Mall Insurance Requirements

Usually property all risk insurance is enough to the owners of shops in the mall. But Dubai Economic Department (DED) takes safety to the next level, to provide safe heaven to owners and visitors. There are other insurances as well which are required by the DED in order to obtain your Shop permit in Dubai mall.

  1. Property All Risk Insurance
  2. Business Interruption Insurance
  3. Third Party Liability Insurance
  4. Workmen’s Compensation Insurance

These are the 4 insurances combined, which are required by the Malls In Dubai. We will discuss them above in detail and also how you can get insurance for your shop in Dubai Mall.

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1- Property All Risk Insurance

Property All Risk Insurance covers all damages and losses caused to the insured. It is an extensive insurance policy than Fire Insurance. It has many covers but most importantly it covers two policies in one coverage. The above are the list of Coverages.

  • Fire damages
  • Third party Liability towards Landlord
  • Natural Disasters
  • Loss Of Rent
  • Fire Brigade Charges
  • Loss of Profit (Business Interruption)

As mentioned in the covers, Business Interruption is already covered in property all risk insurance. The owner does not need to get a separate cover for Business Interruption Insurance.

2- Business Interruption Insurance

Business Interruption Insurance covers the income lost due to physical closure of the shop. It may be due to damages in the shop resulted from fire or natural disaster. The estimated income is achieved by going through the previous months record books. To conclude, Property Insurance covers physical damages and business interruption covers income that was being earned.

3- Third party liability Insurance

An injury or damage caused to a Third party is covered in this insurance. It can be a damage resulting from fire to the landlords property, which is the shop structure itself. Or customers getting injured within the shop due to a pointed edge rack , falling inventory , wet floor without sign , etc.

In case of Fire, the tenants responsibility towards the landlord is to give the shop back in the same condition as the tenant was given by the landlord. This policy shall compensate by renovating the shop and its structure as it was before. Moreover, the affected neighbors are also compensated.

4- Workmen’s Compensation Insurance

Workmen’s Compensation Insurance covers medical costs of injury towards workers. It secures the employer and employee in case of any mishap or accident while on job. It helps workers to get proper medical attention required at the time on incident as the employer can get the medical expense amount reimbursed. Subsequently, it helps employers/owners from any legal consequences if found negligent in an accident.

Insurance for Shops in Malls

Why Insurance is important for Shops In Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall is lucky for your business but because of the plethora of shops which are located there, it is a potential danger for different kind of damages as well. In case something happens out of natural disasters or human errors, earthquake, volcano, tornado, strike, riots, protests or air strikes a havoc can be wreaked in the shops and adjacent areas. The surest way to be safe is through getting proper insurance which is recommended by Dubai Economic Department (DED).

Make sure you get in touch with Dubai online insurance before you set up your shop in the prestigious Mall of Dubai. It is always better to be safe than sorry. 

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Lets provide you some information about the Mall and the Shops in Dubai Mall , as many people would be curious about it. Our readers have a lot of questions in mind , so will clear them all out as under :

1- When did Dubai Mall Open ?

Dubai Mall opened on November 4, 2008

2- How many shops are in Dubai Mall ?

There are 1,200 shops in Dubai Mall with a total internal floor area of 5.9 million sq ft. The Dubai Mall also has more than 200 food and beverage outlets.

3- What shops do they have in the mall ?

There are thirteen different types of stores and shops in Dubai mall:

  • Type #1: Department stores.
  • Type #2: Grocery stores.
  • Type #3: Restaurants.
  • Type #4: Clothing stores.
  • Type #5: Accessory stores.
  • Type #6: Pharmacies.
  • Type #7: Technology stores.
  • Type #8: Pet stores.

4- Who owns the Dubai Mall ?

Dubai Mall is owned by Emaar properties.

5- What type of clothes are allowed to wear in Dubai Mall ?

The safest thing to do is to wear casual outfits. This is because most tours are in the new part of Dubai, and there are fewer conservative people there. Women can wear dresses, shorts, t-shirts, skirts, tops, jeans, pants, etc. Men can wear shirts, t-shirts, pants, shorts, jeans, etc.

6- What brands are available in Dubai Mall ?

Some of the sought-after stores at Fashion Avenue include Valentino, Moynat, Faberge, Alaia, The Merchant of Venice, Moresque, B8ta, La Perla, Parfums de Marly, Alexander McQueen, Alexandre J, Prada, Hermes, Dior, Cartier, Celine and Chanel. Besides the Fashion Avenue, there are also various other stores in Dubai Mall.

7- Dubai Mall has how many stores ?

At over 12 million square feet (equivalent to more than 50 soccer fields), the Dubai Mall is the largest shopping mall in the world based on total area.

8- What is Dubai mall worth ?

The Dubai Mall, Dubai: $20 billion (£16bn)

Hope most of the questions people think are answered , but still if you think that you need to know more do let us know and will add it to the list.

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Dubai online insurance has been in the insurance business for long and over the course of years. Hence, we have successfully devised many insurance policies for our clients. We have issued insurances to our customers in Deira City Center , Sharjah City Center , Mall of the Emirates , Sahara Center and various other malls and Hotels. Get in touch with us to secure shops in Dubai Mall.

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