How To Do Car Ownership Transfer In Sharjah

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How To Do Car Ownership Transfer In Sharjah

How To Do Car Ownership Transfer In Sharjah

Car Ownership Transfer is the next big thing after you have found the perfect buyer for your car. Many people in the UAE are unaware of the rules on how to do car ownership transfer. In this article we will guide you exactly how you can transfer and what document are required to transfer ownership from one emirate to another.

Buying and selling of cars in the UAE is an ongoing process due to the infrastructure of the UAE. No one can survive without a motor vehicle as the climate is Hot & Humid and immense web of well maintained roads. Going from one place to another isn’t easy if you do not own a car. And changing your car from time to time is needed due to wear and tear , harsh weather and easy car buying options.

Selling your car is a very easy process now a days because of Social media. You can post the car pictures and details on any social media platform and the buyer gets in contact with you if they are interested. After price negotiations , comes the necessary part which is transferring of vehicle from your name to the new owners name.

Car Ownership Transfer (Sharjah)

There are basically two ways to transfer your car to the new owners name.

  1. Transferring the car with number plate and registering it the same time.
  2. Transfer ownership only.

1- Transferring the car with number plate and registering it the same time

In this scenario, the current owner and the new owner wants the car to be transfered and get it registered the same time. The current owner and new owner have to arrive at the Approved Tajseel Car testing and registration center with the documents required as above :

  • Insurance Policy (New Owner name)
  • Original Emirates ID (Both parties)
  • Original Driving License (Both parties)
  • New Passing Certificate

After arriving at the center , New vehicle passing has to be done which will cost Aed 150/- . After the passing has been done , the above documents and the passing will be given at the reception to get a token number to get the car transfered and registered.

The current owner and the new owner will sign the transfer papers given by the official at the center. And from there the new owner will register the car on his name by giving the necessary fees. The total fees for the process is Aed 720/- excluding the insurance charges.

The new owner can now drive the car and now the car is in the new owners name and old owner name is removed from the system. To confirm the ownership transfer , a document is printed known as the ” Transfer paper ” or ” Hayaza ” in arabic. It confirms that the old owner and transferred the vehicle to the new owner.

It is recommended that the Transfer paper copy should be photocopied and kept with the new owner and the old owner as form of confirmation. So if the old owner needs to cancel other things related to his car , he would need to show this transfer paper to get it done.

2- Transfer Ownership Only

Sometime the buyer pays the amount to the seller and requests to Transfer the car in his name (new owner name). Or the buyer does not gets time to come to the Tasjeel center , so this procedure can be done where the old owner transfers the car in the new owners name without the new owner being present.

The documents required to transfer the vehicle from old owner to new owner are as under :

  • Original Number Plate
  • Emirates Id – Original for Seller
  • Emirates Id – Photocopy for Buyer

In this the old owner provides these documents and clear any fines or other payment. The number plate is given to the offical , where he cancels the number plate and issues a ” Transfer Certificate ” also knows as ” Hayaza ” in arabic. This procedure fees is Aed 450/- .

Same as the other transfer paper , it mentions the old owner and the new owners name. After the transfer paper is given to the new buyer and gets it registered in his name as and when he feels like.

car ownership transfer

Frequently Asked Questions

1- How to Transfer car in Dubai

The car transfer procedure is the same as mentioned above , if you are transfering car from any emirate , you need to mentioned that i want transfer certificate for this specific emirate and they will update in that emirate system.

2- Can i transfer vehicle on someones behalf

Yes you can transfer vehicle on someone’s behalf if you have the Power of Attorney for that person with a copy of his Emirates Id and Driving License.

3- What are the transfer of car ownership requirements

The transfer of car ownership requirements are as under :

  • Insurance Policy (New Owner name)
  • Original Emirates ID (Both parties)
  • Original Driving License (Both parties)
  • New Passing Certificate
  • Original Number Plate

Hope you have gathered all the information and it will be helpful in transferring your vehicle to the buyer’s name. If you feel that some information needs to be added with time, do let us know and we will update it in this article.

NOTE : This is my own personal experience which i have faced. It can be different for others and there might be different circumstances and the time when this blog has been written. So kindly keep in mind that there might be some changes but currently this procedure is active.


If you have any doubts, you may always contact Tasjeel.

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