Workers Compensation Insurance quote online

Workmen Compensation Insurance
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May 29, 2019
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Workers Compensation Insurance quote online

workers compensation Insurance quote online

If you are an employer and you want to make sure that you are not held liable for any accident or any compensation given to your employee because he was injured on your working site. Then make sure you get the workers compensation insurance quote online. It is acquired by employers all over UAE, and it has so many benefits. But to get a quote from an insurance company you need to fulfill the above requirements.

Requirements for Insurance Quote Online

Before you apply to get a workers compensation insurance quote make sure you provide the information.

  • Your full name and your contact information like your phone number, your address etc
  • Trade License.
  • VAT Certificate or TRN Certificate.
  • Number of employees in your working site on an excel sheet or Employee list.
  • Destination / Occupation of the employees.
  • Basic monthly salary of your employees.

Normally, we suggest our potential clients to send us an email with the above details attached in an excel sheet. Example of the workers insurance detail sheet is as below.

Sample Workers Compensation Insurance Detail Sheet
Sample Workers Compensation Insurance Detail Sheet

These above-mentioned detals are necessary for you to provide to get an insurance quote online.

Meanwhile, if you need any help regarding the prerequisite info about workers compensation insurance get in touch with Dubai online insurance and we will guide you in the easiest way possible. We have been in insurance business for long. And we know how it works.

Dubai online insurance has the best insurance services available. We have devised hundreds of successful deals over the course of years and all the clients we dealt with have always said great things about us. Get in touch with us to get the best workers compensation insurance quote online and secure your workers.

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