Third Party Liability Insurance Dubai (Tameen)

Third Party Liability Insurance In Dubai
Third Party Liability Insurance In Dubai UAE

Third Party Liability Insurance In Dubai

The Third party liability insurance is one of the major insurance (Tameen) policy in Dubai and its member states in the UAE. In particular Constant developments in the Middle East has made this policy a must for every business that has to deal with physical products, constructions sector, real estate and the like. However, every insurance policy covers the Third Party Liability risk to some extent. But this being a specific policy only focuses on Third Party Damage with more benefits and increased limit of liability.

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Liability Coverage

The covers that are included in Third party liability insurance in dubai policy are wide enough which covers every third person who does not have any relation to the business being carried out.Thus In Dubai, mostly Construction Sector, Developer / Real estate firms require this policy to secure themselves from any unseen risk.

Construction Sector coverage includes :

  • It Covers debris fallen on the third party due to any circumstances, may it be due to a storm.
  • Covers damage to any third party from excavators and other construction equipment.
  • Covers damage to property caused by moving equipment.

Developers / Real estate Sector coverage include :

  • Fire damage to the rented property is covered.
  • Any damage arising due to the negligence of the third party’s.
  • Storm and Floods.
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