Jewellers Block Insurance

What is Jewellers block Insurance ?

A standard Jewellers Block insurance policy will grant coverage for a wide range of risks, tailored to your business. Because jewellery has high value, simple property insurance cannot afford coverage and protection for it. 

Therefore, Jewellers Block is a comprehensive risk insurance policy for businesses dealing with precious metals and stones. This policy includes High-value art and antiques. Retailers, manufacturers, and merchandisers of these products are exposed to the risk of theft, burglary, loss and damage to property.

Jewellers Block Insurance

Jewellers Block

Jewellers Block was formerly developed at Lloyd’s of London, late in 1880s by a diamond trader’s clerk named Thomas March. He was concerned at the inability of his employer to obtain Insurance against theft. As he was friendly with one of the leading Lloyd’s Underwriters. They devised the first Jewellers Block policy. Soon after an insurance brokerage bearing March’s name was established. And It flourished to this day as one of the leading Jewellers Block specialist brokers in Great Britain.

Jewellers Block Policy

Business insurance is not a new idea. However, the awareness of the extent or type of covers available for different sectors is limited. For instance, as a jewellery business owner, you already know of the liability and business interruption insurance. You may also have Insurance for your store that includes furniture, computers, display material and other assets.

What regarding the actual goods/products that you sell? The jewellery itself ! Is there a policy particularly made for the jewellery industry? If this question is on your mind, then you need to chat with our team at Dubai Online Insurance about Jewellers Block Insurance. These are speciality insurance products which are not known to the conventional insurance agents and brokers. And you need an expert provider that caters to the jewellers’ Block.

Hence, a single loss or damage to your high-value properties can have a significant impact on your business. Therefore, Jeweller’s Block policy can provide you peace of mind knowing that you have the right protection from any future disaster.

Jewellers Block Policy


Jewellers Block coverage in Sharjah will provide cover for all precious metals (like gold, silver platinum), gems and stones (like sapphire, emerald, diamond, ruby), and other antique or valuable items of the high cost.

Unexpected events like the following are also under the purview of this type of Insurance:

  • Theft, burglary, robbery and shoplifting
  • Substitution and accidental damage
  • Fire and explosion
  • Riot or strike, malicious damage
  • Theft, including shoplifting, burglary and robbery
  • Accidental damage
  • Business interruption due to fire, theft or other incidents
  • The property whilst it is on your premises, on loan or display in an exhibition, and in a transport vehicle. Terms and
    conditions apply.

Consider an insurance policy that can be extended to cover property while in the custody of the insured’s partners and/ or employees! Ask us about this type of coverage for your jewellery business premises and assets.

Jewellers Insurance Covers any forceful damage to shop
Smash and grab – Close up of shattered jewellery store window Damaged jewellery display


The most important exclusions are

  • Employee Dishonesty,
  • Earthquake damage,
  • Hypnotism,
  • Lost stock,
  • Mysterious Loss or Unexplained Loss.

Most other exclusions can be bought back if required, or they are “common sense” exclusions.

Available Extensions

Coverage is based on stock at your premises. But may be extended to follow your stock almost wherever it goes, including:

  • Jobbers and out workers
  • Memo of Consignment to Other Jewellers
  • Bank or Safety Deposit Boxes
  • Commission Sales Representatives
  • Travel by Principals or Employees
  • Shipments
  • Trade Shows and Exhibitions
  • Personal Residences
  • While Worn

Jewellers Blocks Insurance Benefits

Jewellers Block Insurance policy benefits available on demand

  • Damage to stock worked on
  • Defective title
  • Theft by staff
  • Goods on memorandum
  • Professional indemnity
  • Goods in transit
  • Public, product and employers liability available
  • Stock wore by you or employees away from premises
  • Automatic extension for periods when more stock is available
Benefits of Jewellers Block Insurance

Do you really need an insurance broker ?

An insurance broker is most beneficial placed to judge your risks, clarify your questions and negotiate with insurers to get you the most suitable deal. You do not have to use a broker, but practicing one means that you’re:

  • Not paying for the cover which you don’t need.
  • Not paying for expensive overlaps across policies, and
  • Covered for all your risks and exposures.

Dubai Online Insurance Services , UAE, Can :

  • Present the best advice to assist in choosing the right policy
  • Negotiate the best terms using our buying power
  • Present a wide selection of reliable insurers
  • Offer you with alternative quotations and recommend the right one for you
  • Assist in selecting the right type of safe, alarm system and/or other security
  • Tell how warranties harm your rights in the event of a claim
  • Advice and lead you with claims
  • Assure that all legitimate claims are paid quickly and in a fair manner

For Your Security

Dubai Online Insurance Services Can:

  • Provide contact names of reliable suppliers
  • Check that equipment you are being given meets insurers’ requirements
  • Check those alarm installers are authorized
  • Help you circumvent problems by discussing proposed changes to your security equipment. Or requirements for new premises at the planning stage


Dubai Online InsuranceUAE. Regularly conducts security surveys of retail, wholesale and manufacturing jewellers. To assist with assessing premises security and reducing the risks of loss. Dubai Online Insurance report’s address:

  • Company operating history
  • Management expertise
  • Loss of history
  • Operating controls and procedures
  • Safes and vaults
  • Alarm systems
  • Books and records
  • CCTV

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