What are different Types Of Motor Insurance in Dubai ?

Motor Insurance or Car Insurance
What is Motor insurance | Car Insurance in UAE ?
June 27, 2019
Car Insurance in Dubai
How to get car insurance in Dubai in 2 steps ?
July 21, 2019

In all honesty if you have a motor then it is your responsibility to buy a motor insurance in Dubai. Life is unpredictable and anything can occur to anyone including vehicles at anytime. Motor Insurance can guarantee you that you will be secure from any liability and not only that, motor insurance Dubai can also ensure that your harm are covered in case there is certainly any mishap or mishaps.

Dubai is a law abiding city and it does not tolerate any kind of accidents. The best way to make sure that you are safe in this city is by having the motor insurance in case you have a motor. There are two type of motor insurance which you can buy.

Comprehensive Car insurance

Comprehensive insurance is when you can be certain that in case something happens to your car or yourself then you are eligible for the compensation from the Insurance company. Having comprehensive car insurance mean that you will get the compensation in case something happens to your car.

Third party insurance

Third party Insurance is different from comprehensive insurance. In third party Insurance if you hit someone with your car or you cause any damage or injury to any third party then by paying compensation by the insurance you can save yourself in this scenario. Third party Insurance is valuable and you should buy it when you can.

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