10 Ways Contractors All Risk Insurance Dubai Can Help Contractors

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Everything you ever wanted to know about contractor all risk insurance in Dubai..
April 5, 2019
about contractor all risk insurance
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April 10, 2019
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10 Ways Contractors All Risk Insurance Dubai Can Help Contractors

10 ways contractor all risk insurance in dubai can help

Dubai is a risky city. There is a penalty for all unsafe activities. They don’t spare any unsafe activity so how will they spare a Contractor if any thing goes wrong when he is out there constructing a building? Its better to be safe than sorry and the safest way for Dubai contractors is to have CAR insurance before they proceed with their construction work. We will tell you 10 ways contractors all risk insurance Dubai can help.

Contractors all risk insurance Dubai is a safety shell for all type of contractors. We are aware how much risk is involved in the construction work. This CAR policy has been devised in a way to counter the risks associated with Construction. Below are the 10 ways contractors all risk insurance in dubai can help coverage against

  1. Natural disasters. For instance if there is a fire or storm and the building suffer damage because of it, with the CAR it will be covered.
  2. If your tools or the third party tools are damaged because of natural disasters or human error the cost to replace them will be covered by the CAR.
  3. This insurance policy covers the accidental damages on site.
  4. Covers the third party liability in case of injury or even death.
  5. Protects the contractor against workmanship defects.
  6. Secures the contractor against defamation
  7. Provides security to the contractor against the removal of debris.
  8. It covers against riots and strikes.
  9. It covers against air freight or custom duty.
  10. Provides protection against damage to surrounding buildings.
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Dubai contractors are at the risk all the time so it’s better to have the necessary insurance before the actual contracting work. We at Dubai Online Insurance can help you. Contact us today !

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