Contractors all risk insurance Expectation Vs Reality

Contractors all risk insurance in UAE
Contractors all risk insurance explained in less than 240 characters
April 1, 2019
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Everything you ever wanted to know about contractor all risk insurance in Dubai..
April 5, 2019
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Contractors all risk insurance Expectation Vs Reality

Insurance Expectation VS Reality In Dubai

Contractors All Risk Insurance Expectation VS Reality

Contractors all risk insurance seems like a rosy garden for contractors. Insurance expectation vs reality is to know what is the truth and how to make yourself secure. The builders around the globe once sign the CAR Policy starts feeling that they will be covered against all perils but here comes the tricky part. You will only be covered in the points mentioned in the policy.

Contractors all risk insurance expectation vs reality plays an important role in shielding you against damages and losses like fire, vandalism, earthquakes, hurricanes and theft but there are things which it doesn’t cover ( unless mentioned ) as well. Mostly it doesn’t cover machines on site. Suppose you are working in a site and the machinery suffers some kind of damage because of any natural disasters, unless it is mentioned that “Machinery coverage” will be covered in CAR it won’t be covered. The point is if you want complete coverage you will have to mention in the policy that you want complete coverage.

CAR is so good if you buy the right policy. If you are successful in buying the right policy of CAR you will have

  • Cover for air freight
  • Custom duty

Cost of removal of debris and much more. To have a brilliant Contractors all risk insurance you need great brokers and they are available as Dubai Online Insurance. We have worked with hundreds of clients and gave them the brilliant insurance policies. If you want a CAR policy which covers you in all areas contact us. We know our business and we do it well. We will give you the CAR policy you have expected.

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