How does Workers Compensation Insurance work ?

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Workers Compensation Insurance Dubai

As a workplace is a dangerous place so to make it all safe and secure for the workers. UAE Federal law has made it mandatory for employers to pay compensation to the employees in case they suffer any damage in their work place. This insurance which is acquired by the employer is known as workers compensation insurance.

Suppose you are an employer and you have a construction business. You have thirty plus employees under your banner. Now if God forbid while doing construction your employees suffer damage or disability out of natural disasters or human errors it will be up-to you to give the compensation which means that you will cover the medical expenses and medication bills of your injured employees. It all seems like a liability but it’s not. In workers compensation insurance there are benefits for you too. For instance you can claim the money you have spent on your employees on their medical bills and medications. Simply show the receipts of the medical bills to your insurance company and get all the money back.

While this insurance provide medical and disability compensation to the employees it is more beneficial for the employer. By having this insurance an employer saves himself from third party liability and he can also claim the money back in case he spend it on his injured employees. If you are an employer you need this insurance. Make sure you get in contact with Dubai online insurance to get the benefits you deserve .

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