Workers compensation insurance for Small Business

Workmen Compensation policy coverage Dubai
Workmen Compensation Policy coverage for workers
June 3, 2019
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June 6, 2019
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Workers compensation insurance for Small Business

insurance for small businesses in dubai

Workers compensation insurance is an important insurance. It should be bought by an employer as soon as he set up his business. However if the employer is the sole proprietor of his business he doesn’t need this insurance. After a month or so if he gets employees to work for him even on temporary basis then he needs the workers compensation insurance. Workmen Compensation Insurance for small businesses is as important as it is for big businesses.

This insurance has many benefits for the workers. In case a worker gets in trouble on a working site he will be covered. Workers are prone to dangers. In case a worker gets injured as a result of tragedies out of natural disasters or human errors he will be taken care of by the employer. The employer will take care of the medical bills and medication of the Injured employees. This insurance has benefits for the employer as well. He can claim his spent money back by showing the medical receipts to the insurance company, he bought this insurance from.

To get the Insurance the employer needs to pay for it and the amount is minimum. A fixed rate of 830 Dirhams Is applied if the annual wages are less than 180,000. If the annual wages exceeds 180,000 then the rate is applied which is minimum as well. The benefits of this policy are immense and this is the reason why you should buy it from Dubai online insurance. This way it is not costly insurance for small businesses. They have the best brokers available and they will devise the best policies for you.

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