What is Workers’ Compensation and how does it work

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What is Workers’ Compensation and how does it work

Workers Compensation Insurance Dubai

Workers’ Compensation is an Insurance policy which protects the employees in case of an injury while working on site or in office. Workers’ Insurance is necessary as the Ministry of Labour requires the employer to take care and cover all the expenses of its employees in case of an accident while working at there premises.

It is very common to come across an accident while working in factory. As the workers need to do the job by hand. Some neglect to wear the safety gear due to which accidents happen on larger scale with greater damage.

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How does it work ?

The procedure of this policy is very simple and straight forward. When the accident occurs, the worker (patient) needs to be carried out to the nearest hospital or medical center to get treatment. While the employee handling insurance at office should send an intimation letter to the insurance office within one month from the date of the accident.

Some accidents need time for the treatment and recovery while others are treated instantly and recovered immediately. Whenever the treatment is finished, the employee handling insurance at office must collect all the original bills for the treatment. It includes , Emergency treatment charges , Consultation charges , Medical report , Pharmacy bills , Leave certificate , etc . In total all the bills acquired must be collected and presented to the insurance office.

Claim documents submitted

After the claim is sent, now the job of the insurance office starts. From this moment the insurance broker will check the documents and forward it to the insurance company. The insurance company scrutinizes the documents and are sent to the insurance doctors team who checks the medical reports and verify that this claim is valid based on the medication and treatment given.

Al last, the discharge receipt is sent to the insureds office. They confirm that the proposed amount is correct and send the letter back to the insurance office duly stamped and signed on there own letter head. This is when the cheque is prepared in name of the insured.

To make the procedure simply to understand i will mention them in point.

  1. After the accident Intimation Letter must be provided within 1 month.
  2. Collect all bills (original) with original intimation letter and send them to insurance office.
  3. Discharge receipt issued.
  4. Discharge receipt should printed on the Letter head duly signed and stamped.
  5. Receive the amount of the claims.
Workers' Compensation Employee List
Employee List MOHre

Things to keep in mind when taking Workmens’ insurance policy.

  • The insured must be on the company’s visa.
  • The insureds name must be correct and match his passport and visa page. (Get an Employee list from MOHre department )
  • While filling intimation letter provide the correct name given while issuing policy.
  • And finally never file a claim if its not authentic.


Workers’ Compensation insurance secures the employee and the employer. It is the expertise of the insurance specialist to get the best possible cover. It can only be issued by a professional who knows what covers are beneficial and what needs to be excluded.

The best advise is to contact the experts and leverage there experience to your own advantage and get the best Workers’ Compensation Insurance.

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