Cheapest Insurance in Dubai 101: All you need to know

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Cheapest Insurance in Dubai 101: All you need to know

Cheapest Insurance in Dubai

Cheapest Insurance in Dubai should be the first priority before buying a car. Owning a car is not cheap if you don’t plan ahead. There are so many expenses involved. Buying a new car or a used car both has its advantages and disadvantages. A brand new car costs more in the beginning but gives you peace of mind for a few years. On the other hand a used car costs less but maintaining it is troublesome.

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However, the only one thing compulsory in both the situations is getting Car Insurance. Moreover, without car insurance the motor vehicle in UAE cannot be driven on road. Finding the best and cheapest insurance in Dubai comes with experience and knowledge about the product.

Types Of Car Insurance In UAE

There are two types of car insurance in UAE.

  1. Comprehensive Car Insurance
  2. Third Party Car Insurance

Comprehensive Car Insurance Dubai

This insurance provides full cover when an accident takes place. It covers if the insured is at fault and also covers if the accident happens due to the fault of the other driver. In both cases the insurance covers the insured. Full Insurance is costlier as it covers all costs resulting from an accident.

Third Party Car Insurance Dubai

The insured does not gets covered if the accident happens due to the insureds own fault. This type of insurance only covers if the Driver of the other car is at fault. It means the other person or third person’s car would be repaired and the insured will have to repair his car from his own pocket. But if its not the mistake of the Insured then the car will repaired by the negligent party. This insurance is cheaper than the Comprehensive insurance but it comes at a cost.

Car Insurance In Dubai Price

The price of car insurance in Dubai ranges from 650/- to 3000 plus in certain cases. Many companies are offering different rates depending on the place of registration , model of the car , type of car , car make , claim history , drivers age , and many more…

Nowadays, all insurance companies are issuing online insurance policies. The customer fills 5-6 pages and the policy gets issued. The customer doesn’t even gets to know what should I include and what to exclude. To get the best and cheap Insurance, one needs to send the documents to an insurance professional on Email or Whatsapp. After that the exact cover and cost of insurance is informed to the customer and insurance gets issued.


Cheapest Insurance In Dubai cannot be purchased by everyone. It is the expertise of the insurance specialist. It can only be issued by a professional who knows what covers are beneficial and what needs to be excluded. By the condition of the car and help of the insurance specialist a cheap insurance policy can be issued.

The best advise for everyone to save money on Insurance and get benefit is to contact the experts. And leverage there experience to your own advantage.

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