Best third party car insurance Dubai price

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December 28, 2020
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Best third party car insurance Dubai price

third party car insurance Dubai price

Third party car insurance Dubai price is always thought to be expensive. But not anymore , because we will give you a good overview of Third party car insurance Dubai price.

Dubai is one of the Emirate of UAE , which is very famous for it’s Fast and Luxuries cars on the road. However , Dubai has a mandatory and very strict rule for car insurance. Every car must have insurance before it comes on the road, otherwise harsh penalties are imposed.

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By this we understand that everyone wants to fullfil there dreams but at lowest cost. However, do remember that cheaper doesn’t mean better in case of Car Insurance. Cheapest third party car insurance dubai reflects to lower covers. But today, we are not going to guide you on whether to buy Comprehensive Insurance or Third party insurance.

This is a guide for How to get the Best Price for Third Party Car Insurance Dubai.

third party car insurance Dubai price

What is Third Party Car Insurance

Third party insurance only covers the damages caused by your car to other peoples cars and their properties. It also covers the insured in case of injury or death of another person because of your fault while driving.

For example , an accident happens and you are at fault, then other persons car will be repaired by your insurance and you will have to repair your car from your own pocket. And if you are not at fault, then your car will be repaired by the other persons insurance.

It is a very basic cover and has the least price compared to others. With this insurance cover in place you can drive the car within the UAE. Only third parties are secured with this insurance. Any damages to your car will not be covered if your are at fault.

Additional covers for Third Party Car Insurance Dubai

If you want to be more on the safer side then do take additional covers. There are few covers which you can do to make yourself more secure.

  • Driver and Passenger Cover
  • Roadside Assistance

Driver And Passenger Cover

Driver and Passenger can be included in Third party insurance additionally. This cover secures the driver and his blood relation relatives. Which means this additional insurance cover secures Third parties and your own relatives are also secured in case of any accident.

Roadside Assistance

This cover give you peace of mind in case you need any help on the road or away from home. It provides certain benefits which are free of charge. A toll-free number is given with the insurance. The insured can call the number and give the Registration number to the customer support. After which the concerned department calls for the exact location to provide service. The features are mentioned as under :

  • Accidental / Mechanical Towing Service
  • Battery Boost Service
  • Flat Tyre Service
  • Fuel Delivery Service
  • Lock out Service

Accidental / Mechanical Towing Service

If the car breaks down on the road or at home. The roadside assistance will come and help in starting the vehicle or towing the vehicle to the garage.

Battery Boost Service

You never know when car batteries can run out on you. If you get stuck in this position, you can call for help. A mechanic of the roadside assistance team will come and jump start your vehicle so that you can reach your garage or shop for new battery.

Flat Tyre Service

It’s very common to see individuals / families with a car flat tyre on the side of the road in summers in Dubai. In this situation the roadside assistance is a life saver. You can call them up and one of the mechanic will fix the spare tyre for you. If you don’t have a spare tyre you can ask for towing service. But if you want a new tyre to be fixed , it is also possible but cost of the tyre will be charged.

Fuel Delivery Service

In case you run out of fuel. Roadside assistance can be of great help. They will send there mechanic with fuel and you can be up and about to where you were heading.

Lock Out Service

If such situation arises where the key is inside the car and you get yourself locked out. You can always call for help. They will help you unlock your car within no time.

Best rates for Third Party Car Insurance Dubai

There are many Companies and Brokers in the UAE providing insurance services. However, it’s up to the customer to get the policy where he feels satisfied. The best place would be someone who is an expert in insurance to guide you for best car insurance in dubai. So if any incident arises , he may support you as he knows about it already.

Steps to get Best price for Third Party Car Insurance

To conclude, the best way to get third party car insurance Dubai price is by following the steps mentioned above. To summarize i have mentioned them in steps as under as well:

  1. Check basic Third party car insurance prices.
  2. Add additional covers to secure yourself in minimum costs.
  3. Ask experts there opinion and get policy from them.

This way you will find a cheap third party insurance as well as you will also be able to cover yourself more.

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