Workers Insurance For Technical Service Providers in Sharjah

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Workers Insurance For Technical Service Providers in Sharjah

Workers Insurance For Technical Services In Sharjah

Workers Insurance For Technical Services In Sharjah

Workers Insurance For Technical Service providers is compulsory in the UAE. Starting a new project is a very satisfying feeling as you have accomplished and achieved a new client. More companies trust in your organization , you get more experienced and also financially you become more stronger. Technical Services providers are basically companies, who have there workforce and experience in doing the job done. The number of workforce is huge as it is the main asset of the organization. The workers work day and night to complete the projects and earn profit for the company.

The project that these company are involved in may include the above :

  • Aluminium & Glass Cutting
  • Wood crafting
  • Fixing Aluminium panels on buildings
  • Steel Fabrication
  • Cleaning Services
  • Off shore contracts
  • General Maintenance Services
  • General Contracting
  • Ac Fixing
  • Moving Services , and more..

Workers Insurance for technical service is very much necessary before starting any new project. The workers must be insured by their employer. As any accident while working is the responsibility of the employer. While working, any accident can be nerve wrecking for the workers as well as the company. In case of an accident, the worker is directly taken to the hospital and given necessary treatment. After the treatment, medical bills are paid by the employer.

Procedure of Workmen’s Compensation Insurance Claim

Here the workers insurance policy comes into play. All the medical bills including , consultation and medication , leave certificate are then forwarded to the insurance provider and the claim is opened. The insurance department carefully check the bills and approves it. It may take approximately 1 month for the procedure to complete. Then at last the reimbursement is made and a cheque is prepared for the total amount in the name of the insured.

Small investment in form of Workers Insurance can be really fruitful. Resulting in protecting the employer from employers liability , workers loyalty toward the company and the last but not least financial security in form of reimbursement of all the costs.

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