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What is car insurance online UAE
February 9, 2021
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How Contractors all risk insurance is issued at Dubai Online Insurance ?
February 14, 2021
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What is Cheap car insurance Dubai

Cheap Car Insurance Dubai

What is meant by cheap Car Insurance ?

Cheap car insurance Dubai is also termed as motor insurance. Car insurance is bought to protect your car from any future loss. The purpose of car insurance is to give you protection in case of any harmful activity happened to you or your car.

If your car gets any unfortunate accident, gets stolen, bursts into fire or involves in any dangerous activity. Then it will be covered by car insurance policy. Car insurance Dubai gives you a soft edge to drive your car safely.

Why do you need Cheapest Car Insurance in Dubai ?

It is written on Road And Transport Authority (RTA law) of Dubai that it is necessary for every car owner to have car insurance coverage. In this way car insurance policy will help you to backup your financial loss during any type of car incident.

Due to this law, if you are living in Dubai then you must have cheap car insurance cover. Insurance company of your car will pay all the expenses in the case of any damage or loss.

If a car owner drives his car on roads in Dubai without car insurance cover. Then he will be punished strictly according to the law. So it is compulsory to get an insurance cover according to the rules.

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What do car insurance Dubai cover?

Before buying any policy you should be conscious of your requirements. Always think before buying any insurance cover. Because if you do not understand your needs and requirements then it will cost you more money. Both policies can be complex or imitating if you go into these without knowing actual things.

Every car insurance policy includes its own different things. But here are the things that car insurance Dubai covers;

  • Damage and Injury you did to others

Almost very insurance company provides you this thing. They cover the damage you did to others. This damage may include any kind of injury to a person or property.

  • Damage and Injury you did to yourself
  • Damage done by a theft

Insurance company also covers your damage done by theft or robbery incidents.

  • Damage done by Collision

Insurance companies also pays your damage when you are involved in any type of accident. It does not matter who was involved in that accident.

  • Damage done by natural incidents

Companies also covers if your car is damaged by earthquakes, heavy rains, fire, dangerous animals, and any kind of harmful explosions.

  • Additional coverages:

Rental reimbursement, theft cover , full glass coverage, road side assistance, etc are some of the additional coverages that companies provide.   

Different types of car insurance in Dubai

There are usually two types of car insurance provided in Dubai.

1- Comprehensive Insurance

Comprehensive insurance as compared to TPL offers you premium quality protection against any damage. It covers all kind of damage. Either the damage is done by you or by any other party involvement. It also provide you cover against robbery cases or any other kind of harmful incidents.

As this type of cheap car insurance Dubai policy protects you against all types of damages, it means you will have to pay more in this policy. Because they will provide you premium services.

2- Third-party Liability (TPL)

Third-party Liability protection plan will only work for you if you do damage to other People or a third party. They do not cover the loss of your car, but they will repair the damage of other people done by you. This damage includes the loss of their life or property.

For this, you have to be very conscious regarding the accident. You will have to determine whether the damage is done by you or not. If not, then make sure that third party’s insurance agency will cover your any kind of loss.

In this policy, damage or loss related is limited, cheap or affordable. Due to this factor many people go for this policy.

Benefits of having cheap car insurance in Dubai

Now it is clear that for driving a car on roads of Dubai, your car must have insurance policy. It does not matter that if you are driving a brand new car or old second hand car, you must have to follow the rule. Following are the benefits of having cheap car insurance in Dubai.

Agency Repair

Agency repair includes that you can repair your car after any bad incident. Your car manufacturer will do everything from top to bottom, if you have cheap car insurance cover. But they offer this policy only to new car owners. Also some provide same offer to the people for 2-3 years after car manufacturing.

If you are driving your new car, make sure that you have repair policy in your insurance cover.

Road Side Assistance

This benefit is very simple and easy to achieve. Always check and confirm that road side assistance is included in your cheap car insurance policy. It includes the things related to your car in emergency like, health, fuel, battery improvement, and other small assistance.

Off Road Coverage

It includes the incidents which occur on the side of the road, like sandy patch near your apartment, an unofficial diversion from point A to B. The insurance company will pay your costs regarding this coverage in any case of accident. But if you want to go Dune bashing , this will not cover this kind of sport. You will have to get an additional cover called off road / dune bashing coverage in your insurance policy.

Other Benefits

There are many other advantages like, ambulance fees, replacement car, car registration, windscreen damage , medical expenses , theft cover , coverage against flood, storm, heavy rain etc.

However, remember one thing, you will have to pay according to your benefits. The number of benefits are directly proportional to the budget you have to pay. Cheap always does not mean better , so in order to get cheap and better cover you have to think about these points.

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There is no harm in going after things that have the potential to give you benefits. Cheap car insurance Dubai can be your best partner when your car is on the road. Make sure you get in touch with Dubai Online Insurance to secure the best deals.

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