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What is car insurance online UAE

car insurance online UAE

Car insurance online UAE guarantees compensation upon certain types of damages done to or by your car. They act as a shield against unexpected losses incurred either through road accidents, theft, vandalism, or natural disasters. There are a variety of insurance plans that offer different types of coverage for your car. Some of the common types include comprehensive coverage that protects your car against nearly all types of damages. And Third-party coverage that protects you from liability towards third parties.

Can you go for car insurance online In UAE?

You can access the best insurance providers online in UAE. All the major insurance providers in UAE are offering their services online. Generally, you can find all the suitable plans for your car and insurance needs after giving some basic details including your car make, model, and model year. You would find as much variety for insurance plans online as you would through an insurance agent. It can actually be quicker and more convenient if you buy insurance online. You can make quick comparisons between different policies and also receive the insurance documents without a lot of hassle.

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What is the procedure of car insurance online in the UAE?

Understand your Needs

You will be facing hundreds of different insurance plans once you access an insurer’s website. Therefore, it’s important to understand your coverage needs beforehand. To first get started, read up on different types of coverage plans and add-ons that are available. For best option send an email to your insurance agent with your License Copy, Emirates ID and Registration/Mulkiya Card Copy.

Fill out the details

The most important step to getting your car insured is to assign the right Actual Value of your car. You want to be careful with this because if the actual value you assign to your car during the insurance purchase is proved inaccurate later on you can lose your coverage. Again the best option would be to send an email to your insurance agent with details.

Compare Plans

You can compare the coverage’s costs and benefits including the financing plan. Whether it allows annual payments or not, the deductibles and premiums charged. And also which events are covered and which are not.

All insurance providers online allow you to look up the perfect plans for your needs. Once that is done, you need to fill a form with basic information about you and your vehicle. The insurance agent will review your information and send you a list of plans that best match the needs of your car. 

Kinds of car insurance available in UAE online

•           Comprehensive Coverage

This is an all-encompassing coverage where you get all the features of a Third Party coverage plan, Collision Coverage plan, and also extra coverage of damage done to your car when it wasn’t on the road such as due to theft, vandalism, extreme weathers or any other natural disaster. It Covers all the costs incurred due to any damage to your car, this includes all the repair and maintenance costs that will need to be paid to get the car back in sound condition.

•           Third-Party coverage

Third-party coverage is also called Liability coverage. It covers the damage if your car was involved in an accident, caused damage to someone’s property. Or if another person got injured or died due to an accident with your car.

Of course, these are only a few main types of coverage available and you are guaranteed to find the one that fits your needs perfectly. Along with these main coverage plans, many car insurers online also offer add-ons such as Roadside Assistance, Personal belongings cover, and dent repair. This means that even if you find that your most suitable plan is lacking in one or two things you can always turn to the add-ons for the optimal coverage.

Benefits of car insurance online UAE

Easier Comparison

With car insurance online policies, there is a lot of varying features in each plan. They can be really difficult to compare and evaluate in terms of pricing, coverage, reliability, and just overall suitability. Going to every local insurance agent to review the best insurance plans would make you want to stick with the first plan proposed.

With online insurance, you can personalize your plans as much as you want. There is an extra level of transparency that local agents can’t provide due to time constraints. You can compare a myriad of insurance plans with every feature, type of coverage, perks, and premiums neatly categorized for easy comparison. With all this, you are set to land on nothing but the best deal for your specific needs.

Access anytime

Looking for a good insurance plan through a local agent requires you to take a lot of time out of your day to spend at the insurance agent’s office. The biggest benefit of buying your insurance online is the flexible access to it. Moreover, the process is also less time-consuming to move through as you can get an almost-instant quotation, a quick follow-up email and you can submit and sign all the insurance documents immediately.

It can be cheaper

When you buy a plan online after a good job at the comparison, you will be able to understand the policies in detail – what is included and what is not. Most of the time, your chosen plan offers you coverage for things that you may not really need. These extra bits of coverage can cost you a lot over the years. When you sift through a lot of plan comparisons you can pick a plan that is exactly what you need, nothing more and nothing less.


Online car insurance has been a real game-changer in the industry. Many people have shifted to the much cheaper, quicker, and flexible insurance procedure online. You also get the level of personal touch and customer service that you would expect from your local agent. The only difference between buying your insurance online and traditionally is the added benefits of flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and personalization. At Dubai Online Insurance, we can cover your car insurance needs with great deals.

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