What is the difference between Property all risk insurance and fire insurance – Dubai?

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What is the difference between Property all risk insurance and fire insurance – Dubai?

Fire Insurance Dubai UAE

Insurance gives the necessary coverage in the face of danger. When a person is having an insurance he is considered protected against many kind of damages and dangers. Where most of the damages are likely to occur? Well it’s in the premises of a property. This property can be a Personal House, a warehouse, a hospital or an office building. Fire insurance Dubai covers a person against damages and losses occurs on the premises of above mentioned properties. It mostly covers the named perils which could be anything from earthquakes to the war of terrorism.

Most people have the tendency to confuse Fire insurance Dubai with Property all risk insurance in Dubai. Well they are different. Former insurance only covers the mentioned perils while the later insurance covers all the open perils.

If you won’t mention in your fire insurance policy that you need a coverage against strikes or riots you won’t be covered against them. The property all risk insurance is different. It doesn’t matter if you mention in this policy or not the perils you need the coverage for, you will be covered nonetheless.

Fire insurance has the capacity to cover you against many damages but for that you need to mention the perils you need the coverage for. The property all risk insurance will cover against all damages except nuclear incidents and war. At the end of the day it’s up to you to decide which insurance you want for yourself. Dubai online insurance is proficient in both the insurance policies.

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