What is workers compensation benefits ?

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June 11, 2019
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Workers Compensation Benefits

UAE has always been very concerned about the well-being and security of its workers community. It’s federal law no 8 states that it’s the responsibility of an employer if the employees suffers any damage on their working space. However, the employer fails to provide the protection after the injury of his employees he can be sued by the workers. To avoid being sued its important to give the due shares to the injured employees. Workers compensation benefits also save the employer from financial burden.

Workers compensation benefits the workers greatly. If the employer has this insurance than his workers will have these benefits.

Medical benefits – suppose a worker is injured on a construction site out of someone’s negligence. No matter whose negligence it is it will be the responsibility of the employer to take the worker to the hospital. He will cover all the medical bills and medication of the worker from his own pocket. The worker will be taken care of in case of any tragedy.

Disability Benefits – If a worker is not recovered after an injury he will get the disability benefits according to the workmen compensation insurance..

Workers compensation benefits also provides the worker with rehabilitation. In case he is unable to work in his previous working site he is adjusted somewhere else. Workers compensation insurance makes sure that the workers are safe and secure everywhere and it also gives a lot if benefits to the employer. If you are an employer and you want to make sure that you are safe and secure get in touch with Dubai Online Insurance.

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What are workers compensation benefits ?
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