What is Home Content insurance Dubai

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What is Home Content insurance Dubai

Home Content insurance Dubai

Watching your home burn down or having all your valuables robbed is traumatic. As it is the last thing you would want is to worry about how you would replace these valuables. In this article we will discuss about Home content insurance Dubai.

If you have a gas leak problem at home, or if you live in an unsafe neighborhood. Then perhaps it’s time that you consider taking Home content insurance in Dubai. Ever heard of it yet? Well, don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for.

Home content insurance is a way to secure your losses from possible damage and theft of personal possessions. A lot of everyday things we use at home are more precious to lose than others.  We’re talking about expensive electronics, expensive jewelry clothing, and furniture, etc. If you were to lose them you would probably have to spend a lot of money to replace them. This is where Home content insurance comes in.

You can now estimate the value of your things and get insurance to cover the most expensive things that you know you will need in case of an unfortunate loss. The insurance can be extended for anything that you and your family may possess but maybe not for someone temporarily living with you like a guest you have over.

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Benefits of Home content insurance

If paying for insurance that you may or may not use is not an attractive enough policy to you, then here are some other benefits you can count on to convince yourself and your family otherwise:

Natural Disasters

You can’t know if you’ll ever get robbed or not. After all the worries for homes broken and things that were stolen are only 15.10 % on the Dubai crime rates index according to a Numbeo report from 2009 to 2021.

However, you can never really put a numerical possibility of the natural disasters that may strike in Dubai. Recent studies have made Dubai a target for natural disaster zones in UAE.

The most populous city of the United Arab Emirates is located on the southeast coast of the Persian Gulf. UAE has been exposed to more natural hazards in the last 20 years. There have been earthquakes, floods, landslides, and tropical storms. This is reasoning enough for you to consider the protection of your livelihood. This is why home content insurance is a necessity in Dubai.

Liability lawsuits

If someone were to have an accident while in your home, according to the Dubai laws you would have to be facing a liability lawsuit for the incident since it happened at your place.

In such situations, it is important to have reliable enough insurance of your home and home contents so you don’t have to face complete financial disaster. This home and content insurance will suffice for the hospital bills and lawyer’s fees that you will need to make sure that you can win or avoid a liability lawsuit. What could be better to avoid losing a great deal of money and going through a stressful situation?

Mortgage Insurance

In cases that you have applied for a mortgage loan and face an unfortunate incident natural or inflicted, you will be liable to pay for the mortgage. Having insurance will help you cover these expenses of the lender so that you don’t have to run into more financial and legal troubles to cover the lender’s collateral.

Theft and burglary

Let’s say you run into an unfortunate burglary at your home. If the perpetrators run away then it could probably be a while before they are charged for their crime. Even when they are caught and put to trial it may take up to a year to come to a ruling on the matter. And up till then you will probably need to cover your losses.

A good Home content insurance policy will save you the trouble and the worry. You will easily replace all your valuables based on the insurance policy that you signed up for.

Renters can get covered as well

If you are renting a place where the theft or burglary happened. Then more financial and legal settlements and complications await you than you will be able to cover. This is why you need a home content insurance policy for renters as well.

You can get insurance for the specific contents in your possession within the property as well. Any damages that are caused to the property which are not inflicted by you can then be covered by the landlord’s insurance.

What does it cover ?

With Home insurance policies it is often more confusing as to what they entail and what they can cover. While the kind of home insurance policy that you want will determine what items that you can cover or you can also choose items that you want to be covered in the insurance policy too.

Home content insurance policies don’t just cover what you have at home but also cover what you don’t have at home. You will have a criterion of unspecified items that you can cover in the policy. You can use this to ensure the valuables that you have anywhere within or outside the home. However, it is probably wise to make a list of all the items that you want to be covered.

If you overestimate the cost of your items then you might be paying more than you would for the premiums. However, if you underestimate your belongings then you will not have everything covered with your insurance.

The con is that you won’t cover everything for everyone. This means that the guest or friends that you have invited to your house will not have their stuff covered in the policy unless you have them listed in your policy.


Make sure that you make informed decisions about the Home content insurance policies that you pick. Depending on how reliable your home and content insurance policy is you will be able to cover damages.

However, make sure that you have a professional or someone with experience, has a look at your policy to make sure that you don’t leave room to get cheated when it’s time to claim. Dubai Online Insurance is eventually your best fit if you are looking for cheap home content insurance. Make sure you get in touch.

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