What is Cheapest third party car insurance Dubai

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What is Cheapest third party car insurance Dubai

Cheapest third party car insurance Dubai

There is nothing bad about owning a car in Dubai, but you must follow certain protocols before taking it out on the road. There would be other cars on the road apart from yours and accidents are an expected fact while you are behind the wheel. To save you cost you can get the Cheapest third party car insurance Dubai.

What precautions do you need to take to save yourself financially as well as the person you are banging into? It is a logical fact that you might not be at fault in all cases but when you are, a precautionary measure in the form of car insurance must be there.

A proper car insurance policy covers the damage caused to your vehicle but if you must pay the other person involved in the accident, it can prove to be financially tough.

This is where third-party car insurance comes into play. It covers the damage caused to the car you drove into.  If you don’t have third-party insurance, a large sum of money would be extracted from your savings sum.

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What does cheap third-party car insurance cover ?

As a person paying an annual premium for third-party car insurance, you should be very sure about what it covers. In other words, you need to have awareness of what you are spending money on.

Here are the areas that this form of insurance covers:

1- Financial Coverage for the damage caused

Everyone buys cars with hard-earned money so if you are at a fault and have damaged someone else’s vehicle, you need to pay for it. In this case, it can prove to be very expensive if the money must be paid from the pocket. Having third party insurance proves to be a blessing in this situation.

  • Through third party insurance, all the vehicle damages caused to the other party as a part of the accident will be covered. Whether it is lights, fenders, bumpers, or any other part of the vehicle, you would not have to pay anything out of your pocket. The insurance plan will cover everything.
  • Not having third-party insurance can surely be a major problem for you. It simply means that no part of the damages will be covered, and you would have to pay everything yourself. Hence, having this insurance plan is much better since it eliminates all kinds of tensions. God Forbid, In case of any accident, you do not need to worry about anything.

2- Legal Coverage / Medical Coverage

Human damage is an expected possibility in case of a car accident. If you have hit another vehicle and someone in it has been injured, you can face a lawsuit according to the rules of Dubai. This leads to hiring a lawyer, going through court proceedings, and then abiding by the verdict.

  • Irrespective of whether the verdict is in your favor or not, legal proceedings have hefty charges. Do third party insurance plans cover these costs? The good thing is that they do. If someone has suffered major or minor injuries, you do not have to be scared about paying for legal help. The insurance company will cover all involved costs.
  • Legal help is quite expensive in Dubai and most other parts of the world so having it covered is a big blessing. This further emphasizes the importance of having a cheap third-party insurance plan.
  • Apart from legal payments, you must pay the medical bills as well if someone has been injured because of your fault. These costs are also covered by the third-party insurance. This means that if you need to spend money on hospitalization for the people injured, no need to pay anything from your pocket.

Benefits of having cheap third-party car insurance

There are several benefits attached to Cheapest third party car insurance Dubai. Some of them are listed below.

1- Paying for car damages that the other person suffered

In an accident, if you are at fault, you need to pay for the damages the other person suffered. This does not happen if you have valid third-party car insurance. All these damages are automatically covered and you do not have to pay for anything.

2- Paying off legal and medical bills on your own

Not having third-party cheap car insurance simply means that you must pay the damages from your pocket. This can cause a lot of financial damage since you would have to extract a large chunk of money from your bank account. Spending the money you had saved for investments or any other purpose will just be waisted on legal and medical bills.

Risks of not getting third party car insurance

If you do not have valid third-party car insurance, several risks would be created automatically. Here are some of them:

1- Unable to drive in Dubai

Having third party cheap car insurance is not an optional requirement in Dubai. It is very much mandatory. You cannot drive if a valid third-party policy is not in place.

3- Violation of Legal Rules

As it is mandatory to have valid third-party car insurance in Dubai, driving without it is considered a legal violation. Therefore, you can face a lawsuit leading to a fine and other severe punishment.


It is important to understand why third-party car insurance is considered so important in Dubai. The main reasons are security and covering people who face accidents. Through it, you can protect yourself from unnecessary financial damages. In other words, if you are a part of a car accident and it’s your fault, you do not need to pay the other party for medical or car-related damages. It always better to keep yourself and others safe on the road.

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